Kings Music Department Mission

The mission of the Kings Music Department is to provide a program which will develop student musicians who are prepared to face the challenges of an ever‐changing world.  Our team strives to promote high performance standards and a well-rounded musical experience. The music department’s goal is to help students prepare for the music of the future by exploring the music of the present while preserving the music of the past. The Kings ensembles are recognized participants in district, state, regional and national events. Kings musicians are encouraged to develop an increased awareness of the artistic and historical significance of music while fostering a positive music‐making environment. Our students will experience creative thought and artistic interaction, and discover that music is an international language that expresses ideas and emotion. In order to accomplish the above goals, Kings High School offers specialized courses of instrumental and vocal music instruction designed to meet the differing experience levels, requirements, and scheduling needs of each individual.

Kings Choral Department Mission

The Kings High School Choral Department strives for excellence in musicianship, advancement in musical literacy, a well-rounded understanding of the choral repertoire, and community through our love of singing. We do our best to promote music as an irreplaceable element in the lives of everyone we meet. We welcome everyone to “Sing at Kings”!