The Kings High School Choral Department (KHSCD) funds everything through student fees. Yearly expenditures include but are not limited to:
  • music 
  • uniforms, cleaning, tailoring, and maintenance
  • t-shirts
  • piano tuning
  • supplies & materials
  • online subscriptions for curriculum and inventory management
  • admission to the Homecoming Game
  • OMEA dues & activity fees
  • guest clinicians & choirs
  • bus transportation to events
We maintain a tight budget and need these fees to continue the excellent education and experience we believe our singers should have. Many of these purchases are made right at the beginning of the year. Please submit your payment by the end of August (or contact Mrs. Milthaler for assistance) so that we are able to kick things off!
Your Singer's $90 choir fee can be paid via PayPal using the email address (if you do not have a PayPal account, you will be asked to sign up, but it is quick and free). If you are unable to pay online we still accept cash, checks, or money orders made to KHSCD.
If you are unable to make your child's fee payment, especially if you have multiple singers in the program this year, please contact Mrs. Milthaler at to set up a payment plan. We are more than happy to work with families in any way necessary.